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Commercial Auto Insurance

Any business that uses vehicles for business purposes needs commercial auto insurance.
Not only is this beneficial for your business, but it keeps you in compliance with insurance laws. Traditional auto coverage isn’t suitable for a business vehicle. Business coverage can cover several vehicles, employees, and more. The overall goal is to protect the business from financial loss related to the vehicles.

Most business owners benefit the most from having liability coverage. If an employee causes an accident, anyone injured could sue the business for damages. This could include repairs, medical bills, and lost wages. This type of liability can cost a business dearly. It could even drive the company out of business. This is one reason why commercial auto insurance is so important.

The policy might also pay for repairs to your vehicles, depending on the coverage you have. Covered damages could come from accidents, vandalism, theft, bad weather and more. The coverage you get depends on the number of vehicles covered. It also depends on how much you pay for the policy. Some policies also provide rental car reimbursement, and payment for medical expenses of employees involved in the accident.

Before you purchase a policy, make sure to understand exactly what it covers. Some business owners assume commercial auto insurance covers any type of accident. But they receive a bad surprise when they try to file a claim and it’s denied. Avoid this pitfall by knowing the ins and outs of your policy.