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Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is available when an employee is unable to work because of an injury or illness. It temporarily replaces some of the employee’s income. There is short term and long term disability available. If the employee becomes permanently disabled, then they’ll need a different type of disability from the government. But disability provided by a job is always temporary and either short term or long term.

When you start a job, the benefit may not be immediately available. Sometimes the benefits may not start until you’ve worked for at least 60 or 90 days. But each company is different, so your benefit may become active your first day on the job.

Disability can cover a physical illness or injury. It can also include recovery time following a surgery. Severe medical conditions such as diabetes or heart issues might also make someone eligible for disability.

To pay for coverage, your employer takes a portion of the premium from your pay. Then the employer pays the rest of the premium. So you might pay 20 percent while your employer pays the remaining 80 percent. If you become disabled and can’t work, then you’ll have to file a claim. The insurer will need a doctor to verify your condition. The insurer will need to know the diagnosis, the treatment, recovery time, and when you can return to work. You’ll also need permission from your doctor to return to work.

The insurer will approve your claim if it checks out. If there are questions, then the insurer will ask for more information. It’s possible that your claim will be denied, but that’s unlikely if you have a valid claim.