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Flood Insurance

Homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. An insurer will only pay for flood damage if you specifically have a flood insurance policy. If you live in an official flood zone, then you need this coverage. A flood can cause damage that can destroy your home. Without flood insurance you’ll have no help paying for repairs.

Flood insurance can pay for damage to your property. And it also can pay for damage to your belongings. If you have a mortgage, then your lender will likely require you to purchase flood coverage if you’re in a high-risk zone. Floods can occur in a low-risk flood zone, but an insurer is less likely to provide coverage for those areas.

Note that some flood damages aren’t covered by flood insurance. Usually, damage to landscaping, loss of income, and mold growth will not qualify for a flood insurance claim. If your basement becomes flooded because of a broken pipe, that doesn’t count as a flood. It’s because the water is from inside your home and not a natural disaster.

Basically, flood insurance only covers damages caused by a flood that affects the entire area. If the flood is only in your home for whatever reason, then it’s likely not covered. Learn if you’re in a flood zone. If so, considering getting the proper coverage.