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Supplemental Insurance

There’s insurance for just about everything. If you’re fortunate, you’ll have insurance policies for health, home, auto and life, among others. But you might still discover that you don’t have enough insurance. This is where supplemental insurance can benefit you and your family.

Supplemental Insurance Explained

Supplemental coverage provides extra insurance above what a traditional policy provides. Supplemental coverage doesn’t replace your main policy, but it works along with it. So that means you need to already have a policy that your supplemental policy can work with. Just about anyone can benefit from this coverage.

How it Works

Like with other policies, supplemental coverage requires that you pay a premium. Failing to pay this fee will result in the cancellation of your policy. The amount of your premium depends on several things, such as the amount of your coverage.

The money provided by a supplemental policy can be used for several purposes, including medication, food, and lost wages. You can even use the funds to pay for deductibles, coinsurance or co-payments.


You can use a supplemental policy with a health, auto, homeowner, accident, disability or life insurance policy. Any policy for which you might need extra coverage is allowed. Supplemental insurance can help fill the gaps left by other policies.